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2 Star Rating / Average site



Safety at Javholic

Card Payment Agency: The Media Planets

This company is owned and operated by TMP Group, the company that runs X1X.com, and it was rumored on the Internet that there were fraudulent charges before 2009 (I don't know the details).

However, I haven't heard any rumors of fraudulent charges since then, and I myself haven't had any fraudulent charges.




Good rating for Javholic

Although there are only a few, X1X.com has original videos (but we do not make new ones).

The price is low.

Compared to other adult sites, the download limit is higher (25GB / 1 day).



Bad rating for Javholic

In recent years, they have been releasing only very old amateur and actress material, which is not competitive.

Compared to its heyday, it has deteriorated to the point where it seems like a different site.

If you want to join, you need a 90-day plan or more to enjoy the premier videos.

It is difficult to understand how to cancel membership.



Basic Information

Number of movies Approx. 4,600 movies
Click here for the list of the latest videos
Update frequency of new videos About 1 videos daily
Download limit The following figures are per day
-High-speed download system: 10 lines
-Normal server 25GB
Streaming play Supported (unlimited play)
Smartphone and tablet  Supported



Javholic fees and payment methods

Plan Fee Note
30 Days Regular Plan $38
30-day high-speed line plan $48
90-Day Regular Plan $100 Premier Videos Available
90-Day High Speed Plan $130
365 Days High Speed Plan


Please check the fee information page of Ippondo (official website) for the fee amount and membership details.




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