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3 Star Rating / Average site



Safety at Javholic

In conclusion, there is no problem with "Javholic"'s security.

Card Payment Agency is KINGSUMMIT, Inc. KINGSUMMIT is a payment company that has a proven track record in the adult industry.

The company is a member of the DTI group, which is the largest adult group in Japan.

In fact, I have never heard of any damage caused by Javholic, and I myself have not suffered any damage.



About credit card statements

It will say "KINGSUMMIT" without any indication that it is Javholic or a paid adult site.



Good rating for Javholic

This is a valuable aspect of the site because you can watch videos that were distributed on closed sites.

The price is cheap.

You can join with only your email address and credit card information. No further personal information is required.



Bad rating for Javholic

This site is a collection of works from closed sites, so there are no new works.

Many of the pictures are of poor quality.

It is not easy to search for the videos you want to watch.



Basic Information

Number of movies Approx. 7,420 movies
Click here for the list of the latest videos
Update frequency of new videos About 3 videos daily
Download limit You can download up to the following number
-5GB per day
Streaming play Supported (unlimited play)
Smartphone and tablet  Supported



Javholic fees and payment methods

Plan Fee Note
Streaming 30 days membership $8.33 Streaming play only (No download)
Streaming 360 days membership $99
30 Days (Regular) $20.83 Both download and streaming playback are available.
360-day membership (Annual Membership)


Please check the fee information page of Ippondo (official website) for the fee amount and membership details.




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