When you are thinking of joining a paid adult site in Japan, the most important thing you need to worry about is safety.

I've been using Japanese pay adult sites for 20 years, and I'll explain about safety based on my own experience.



There is no law in Japan that regulates joining and downloading uncensored adult video sites. Also, if you live in the United States and join a Japanese uncensored adult video site, Japanese laws do not apply to you.

If it is legal to watch adult videos in the country you live in, then it is not illegal to watch uncensored adult videos in Japan.

In some countries, for example, it is illegal to watch adult videos if you are under 18, so please be careful there.


Credit card

You can achieve 99.999% security, but you can never be 100% sure.

Even major companies have had incidents of credit card information leaks. Besides, it is a system created by human beings, so there is a possibility that human wisdom can break through the system.

With this premise in mind, let's think about credit card payments on paid adult sites.


Is it safe to use credit cards on paid adult sites?

I've been a member of a lot of paid adult sites, but I've never had any specific damage caused by credit cards.

However, it is a fact that there are paid adult sites where there are rumors of credit card damage. This is not because the paid adult sites are intentionally causing damage, but rather because the security of the credit card payment company has been defeated by an external attack.

For more information on this, please refer to my review of each paid adult site.

Click here for a list of paid adult sites that I have personally checked for safety.

What if I'm worried about using my credit card?

Make a credit card specifically for adult sites.

I think it's a good idea to make a credit card specifically for adult sites, instead of using your main credit card for withdrawing money for living expenses.

That way, even if you have to replace your card after it has been damaged, you won't do much damage.




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