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My name is Nikki Llewellyn and I’m a Health and Well-being Coordinator for the Healthy Conversations Project, which is all about improving the lives of young people in assisted housing such as Foyer projects; Healthy Conversations is about improving mental and physical health.

Run by the Foyer Federation, the Mental Health Foundation and NCY Trust, Healthy Conversations trains young people aged 16-25 to become Health Ambassadors; the Health Ambassadors then travel all over the country to deliver workshops on Mental Health Awareness, Food & Mood and Stress Management to young people living in assisted housing.

The best thing about this project is the fact it is run with young people, for young people; there is nothing like knowing you’ve helped young people take their well-being into their own hands.

Here are some of the things our Health Ambassadors have to say about being a part of the project:

“[The Participants] thoroughly enjoyed the Hearing Voices game and it allowed them to interact with one another on a friendly note, and understand & experience what it would be like to hear voices.”

“The young people were amazing…the contrasting genders was valuable as it provided assurance for both genders in the group.”

“I think healthy conversations are a great way to raise awareness around mental health. For our age group there aren’t many people who actively seek youths out to teach them something useful. It allows youth to hear about mental illness from other youths, which is great because only a person from the same age group can understand how to successfully deliver a workshop to another, purely because we know what we would want to hear.”

And the Ambassadors don’t work without reward! They receive love2shop gift vouchers for their efforts. Nevertheless, one of my Health Ambassadors told us:

“although I love the gift vouchers, the reward of helping those young people was so much more important”.

So if you think this is something you want to be a part of, then please follow this Link.



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