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Since 2011 NCY club coaches, resident riders and parents have been lobbying to have a serviceable BMX track in Newham.  Work has finally begun this week and ‘fingers crossed’ in two weeks there will be a renewed community track that young people will be proud to be associated with.

BMX-treme, Newham’s BMX club members have been short changed with regards to the Olympic BMX Legacy.  Original plans for temporary track opposite Canning Town Station and a permanent large track at Memorial Park were scrapped when a track was built without consultation at Gooseley Playing Fields and the converted Olympic Track managed Lee Valley on Queen Elizabeth Park.

The play track built at Gooseley Playing Fields was not initially damped down despite unseasonal hot/dry windy weather when completed and no subsequent maintenance were budgeted.  All-in-all, the council had replicated all the local governance mistakes that happened across the country during the eighties.

NCY’s BMX Coach commented.  “Though still in Gooseley Playing Fields and still a play track hopefully lessons have been learnt and the club will be able to ensure the track is good condition for years to come.  We have been in the ridiculous situation were we have been coaching on tracks & parks outside of the borough.  It is crucial that young people have access to community BMX coaching and facilities.  From conversations with riders and parents across Newham it is my opinion The Queen Elizabeth Park track is not a community track, pricing is way beyond the budgets of most families in Newham.”

For more information about community BMX in Newham contact:

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