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Angela Jangra

Please introduce yourself!
“When I was involved with Youth Panel, I was a psychology student studying in London. I volunteered for roughly 2 years. I’m now a support worker working with individuals who have learning disabilities and mental health conditions, building my experience to then follow on to become a clinical psychologist.”

What is Youth Panel?
“Youth Panel is a fantastic group of 16-25 year olds, who meet weekly to plan projects that will improve the health & wellbeing of young people living in Newham. We have done all sorts of things, from sponsored walks (exhausting!) to producing exciting community events like “Me, My Mind and I” in October last year. The group meets regularly at NCY centre in Plaistow, East London.”

Why is Youth Panel awesome?
“The Youth Panel is awesome because I’ve been lucky enough to make some life long friends. I’ve managed to befriend individuals who I would have never thought I’d be working alongside. Knowing that you can voice your own opinion in an environment where you’ll be heard and knowing that your own opinion has enough power to ultimately change another individual’s life.”

What kind of thing have you done with the YP?
“I have gained invaluable life skills with YP, from social skills to being in a professional environment. Going out into the public around London, attending meetings in Canary Wharf, residential trips to different parts of the UK and being apart of events in the heart of London’s city centre are all a few things that occurred whilst being on the YP.
Learning about health and well being has provided me with in depth knowledge around the subject which has allowed me to peruse a life long career.”

Youth Panel meet every Thursday from 6-8pm. If you’d like to get involved with the youth panel, or any aspect of NCY’s work, please get in touch via

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