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Citi volunteers provide TLC


HUGE THANK YOU! To the volunteers from Citi Bank that breathed fresh life into an abandoned Youth Centre. NCY has been give stewardship of the building initially for storage of Newham BMX Club bikes. After meeting the estate manager NCY will be delivering pop-up youth work activities, because there has been no provision in this area for young people since the centre closed in 2013. ‘Young people on the estate are crying out for something constructive to do.’ The clearance of break-in damage, accumulated grime and abandoned broken equipment by the Citi volunteers means now there are a range of spaces where various activities now can be delivered.



Monday 26th October 2015 is a BIG DAY for Gooseley Playing Fields. BMX FUN DAY is a joint celebration of the BMX track’s completed refurbishment and the local community BMX Club’s 5th birthday. Kristian Bridge BMX-treme’s head coach who has been volunteering with club since being establishing 2010 said “We’ll be running sessions ALL DAY, we’ll be coaching from 10am to 1pm as part of the half-term BMX Academy then carrying on through to 4pm on and off track. Come down to Gooseley Playing Fields we have the coaches, bikes and safety equipment ALL FOR FREE!”

National Old Person’s Day Programme



Sunday 25th October saw the conclusion of Newham’s National Old Person’s Day Programme at Hamara Ghar, where elderly volunteers from across Green Street East & West and Boleyn were recognised by Councillor’s Obaid Khan and Jose Alexander. New Choices for Youth, youth club ‘SafeZone’ donated cinema equipment, so elderly woman’s, Katherine Road 50+, coram group members and local residents could enjoy the cult movie Sholay. There was also popcorn & pizza served by volunteers.

London Youth Games 2015


London Youth Games 31.05.2015Though fielding a smaller squad, Newham retained their 13th ranking.  Newham’s performance was still strong against the other phase one Olympic legacy clubs, along with ten other boroughs Waltham Forest failed to gain any points, Greenwich and Tower Hamlets dropped their rankings.  Most significantly Tower Hamlets from 11 to 17 and it goes without saying the Newham squad extends their congratulations to the many racers for the Hackney team for climbing to first from second last year.

Though there are some inherent challenges being a novice team in this event; mainly the impact on confidence & esteem being in races ‘toe-to-toe’ with regional and national riders, when this is a once in a year race for all the Newham squad.  Plus this year some riders missed motos, because of selective calling from pen to start mound, but the whole team found the day exceedingly enjoyable and see this as a starting point for more racing competitions this year.

As coach of the club for the past five years, I am immensely proud of this year’s Newham riders.  NCY BMX-treme has fielded a squad since the first London Youth Games Race at Greenwich in 2012.  Every rider ended the day in a higher grouping than last year, all riders finished the races they started…even when taking a fall and from beginning to end they embodied positive competitive attitude.



London Youth Games not far away


LYG2015-Squad PNG

Yesterday saw the final preparations for the London Youth Games BMX motos this coming Sunday for the Newham riders.  The squad put the newly re-surfaced Gooseley Fields BMX track through their paces from 10:30 to 12:30.  Trials aside the coaching team have sacrificed a couple of Saturday evenings to undertake rider race venue orientation and also delivered extra three coaching sessions for the squad.  All that’s left to say from the coaching team is: ‘Good luck Newham racers, see you first thing Sunday morning.’

Jumping re-surfaced track

Green Street Market Games



Market Games 27.05.2015New Choices for Youth supported yesterdays Green Street Community Neighbourhood by providing a range of BMX coaching activities.  Between 2pm and 5pm at Queens Market staff and volunteers provided continuous coaching to 78 young people aged between 5 and 17.  Though universally well received by young people and their parents alike, the BMX cycling was unfortunately omitted from the event evaluation form.

BMX-treme back-on-track


BMX Track

Since 2011 NCY club coaches, resident riders and parents have been lobbying to have a serviceable BMX track in Newham.  Work has finally begun this week and ‘fingers crossed’ in two weeks there will be a renewed community track that young people will be proud to be associated with.

BMX-treme, Newham’s BMX club members have been short changed with regards to the Olympic BMX Legacy.  Original plans for temporary track opposite Canning Town Station and a permanent large track at Memorial Park were scrapped when a track was built without consultation at Gooseley Playing Fields and the converted Olympic Track managed Lee Valley on Queen Elizabeth Park.

The play track built at Gooseley Playing Fields was not initially damped down despite unseasonal hot/dry windy weather when completed and no subsequent maintenance were budgeted.  All-in-all, the council had replicated all the local governance mistakes that happened across the country during the eighties.

NCY’s BMX Coach commented.  “Though still in Gooseley Playing Fields and still a play track hopefully lessons have been learnt and the club will be able to ensure the track is good condition for years to come.  We have been in the ridiculous situation were we have been coaching on tracks & parks outside of the borough.  It is crucial that young people have access to community BMX coaching and facilities.  From conversations with riders and parents across Newham it is my opinion The Queen Elizabeth Park track is not a community track, pricing is way beyond the budgets of most families in Newham.”

For more information about community BMX in Newham contact:

Remembering NCY Staff


Mel & Roy

Over the past year NCY has lost two much revered ex-staff members, Roy Gopinathan and Melissa Urbans/Playfair.  Foremost our sincere sympathy continues to be with their loved ones.

Roy and Melissa were equally loved and respected by all the charity’s stakeholders, young and old.  Though they never received formal recognition through award or commendation regarding the impact of their work practice.  They leave a legacy of hundreds of vulnerable and marginalised young people being able to improve their lives through the advocacy, advice & guidance Roy and Melissa provided.

For those who had the privilege to know Roy and Melissa as colleagues or friends they are missed each and every day, but we find solace in the fact they are only a thought away.

NCY’s tribute to Stephen Sutton


Kids Count Awards 2014

In October last year when NCY’s BMX Club coach received the Darren Campbell Positive Sports Award on the terrace of the House of Commons at the Kids Count inspiration awards.  Nominees, winners, presenters and other guests alike took time to reflect on the fantastic impact Stephen has had on young people.  This had a profoundly effect on the young riders & coaches we took the event.  (Pictured above.)  Stephen so far has raised £4,542,177.39 for the Teenage Cancer Trust, smashing his target by 454%.  Much more than this he’s broadened awareness regarding the issue of teenage cancer and become an eternal positive role model.  Please take a moment today to reflect on his words . . . “I don’t see the point in measuring life in terms of time anymore.  I’d rather measure life in terms of making a difference.”   (For more information about Stephen’s story visit: )

Kicking Off MHAW


Wellbeing Tour-11.05.15

It was NCY’s privilege to deliver elements of the Tottenham Hotspur Foundation Well-being Tour with our state-of-play partners to kick off Mental Health Awareness Week.  (MHAW 2015-11th to 17th May)  Today’s theme was five-a-day; Keep-on learning, Being active, Taking notice, Staying connected and Giving time for the benefit of students close to White Hart Lane Stadium.  YMCA Well Being Champions co-facilitated the tour workshops throughout the day.  For further information about the NCY Well Being Champions accredited course contact:

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