Self Introduction

My name is Elongo, and I am the administrator of this site.

I'm sure most of you are not interested, but I'd like to introduce myself a little.

Age: Late 30s

Personality (to me): Erotic

Personality (to others): Serious

Occupation: Ordinary office worker at a small company

Hobbies: Internet surfing, adult movie collection, reading

Special skill: Analysis


Encounter with uncensored adult sites

When I was in college, I had a part-time job producing adult videos.

The job included preparation for filming, and management of the filming site.

In today's terms, it was a black job.

But I really wanted to see porn stars' vaginas and sex in the flesh!

I quit the job after about two years because I was tired of being treated like a human being.


After graduating from college, I got a job as a salaryman at a general company.

It was a small company and the manager and senior staff were very strict.

The work was busy, and I had to take the last train of the day and work on holidays.

I wanted to quit so badly that I turned to adult videos to relieve my stress.

I wanted to quit, so I turned to adult videos to relieve my stress. I even worked part-time because I hated it.


However, at that time, uncensored sex videos were becoming more and more available on the Internet.

Then I got the courage to join I was amazed.

The quality of the uncensored sex videos is high.

The volume surpassed the backdoor videos and DVDs I had received during my part-time job!

After that, I joined various sites and collected videos like crazy.

After that, I went crazy and joined various sites to collect videos, although I got hurt a few times.

As a result, I have been watching free and paid adult videos for about 15 years now.



Why did I start this site?

I have always been dissatisfied with one thing in my life.

If you watch adult videos all the time, you will get bored.

If you only watch erotic videos of beautiful women, the excitement will fade away.

In my case, I became more and more maniacal about amateurs, mature women, lesbians, scatology, and so on.

But at that time, I didn't know which sites were really good.

I'm an analytical person, so I was hoping there was a site that could tell me how many points I scored out of 100, for example.

If there is no such site, then I decided to create one myself, so I opened this site.

The purpose of this site is to evaluate adult sites more clearly and objectively than anywhere else.

That's why I'm evaluating them together with two of my friends who used to work in adult video.

They are also incomparable AV lovers.



In closing

I have written a lot of things, but I hope to introduce what I have experienced in my 15 years.

It would be great if I could make people who visit this site a little happier!


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