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New Choices For Youth in Newham East London

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Welcome to New Choices For Youth - NCY

New Choices for Youth (NCY) has over 25 years experience working with children and young people in crises or transition. NCY's core business has been working with young people involved in or at risk of being involved in the Criminal Justice System. The charity continues to respond to the changing needs of children and young people, local crime prevention initiatives and government legislation, by developing programmes for young people at risk of being an offender, or at risk of harm by those involved in criminal behaviour.

New Choices for Youth has a track record of providing quality projects in the London Borough of Newham, neighbouring East London Boroughs and further afield.

NCY's Latest Blog Excerpts


BBQ 2015On behalf of Cheryl (Chair of trustees) and Marcia (CEO) of NCY . . . Thanks to everyone for making NCY’s 30th birthday a truly memorable event and we look forward to seeing you at future celebrations.

It was nice sharing such a lovely evening with young people and staff from past and present, as well as supporters and partners from Newham and other London boroughs throughout the years.

We would also like to thank Vanessa for her solo and duet performances, as well as the young representatives from each project, the staff and volunteers that supported us in the planning, preparation and making this event the best it could be.


Final Where Are You Know?



As part of the thirtieth birthday celebrations of NCY we have been posting images of days-gone-by.  If you appear in them or know someone please don’t hesitate to contact us:

Staff have been digitizing archive of photos, so if you want to trace old pictures with you in them contact the office.


Calling all ex-staff over the years!!!!








As a result of Tuesdays celebration throughout the summer there are going to be a number of get togethers for all current and ex-staff, whether contracted,sessional or volunteers – contact NCY via: or 020 8471 1749.  #don’tbeastranger



Have you participated in activities delivered by NCY?



In the run-up to the thirtieth birthday celebrations of NCY we will be posting images of days-gone-by.  If you appear in them or know someone please don’t hesitate to contact us:


London Youth Games 2015


London Youth Games 31.05.2015Though fielding a smaller squad, Newham retained their 13th ranking.  Newham’s performance was still strong against the other phase one Olympic legacy clubs, along with ten other boroughs Waltham Forest failed to gain any points, Greenwich and Tower Hamlets dropped their rankings.  Most significantly Tower Hamlets from 11 to 17 and it goes without saying the Newham squad extends their congratulations to the many racers for the Hackney team for climbing to first from second last year.

Though there are some inherent challenges being a novice team in this event; mainly the impact on confidence & esteem being in races ‘toe-to-toe’ with regional and national riders, when this is a once in a year race for all the Newham squad.  Plus this year some riders missed motos, because of selective calling from pen to start mound, but the whole team found the day exceedingly enjoyable and see this as a starting point for more racing competitions this year.

As coach of the club for the past five years, I am immensely proud of this year’s Newham riders.  NCY BMX-treme has fielded a squad since the first London Youth Games Race at Greenwich in 2012.  Every rider ended the day in a higher grouping than last year, all riders finished the races they started…even when taking a fall and from beginning to end they embodied positive competitive attitude.



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