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New Choices For Youth in Newham East London

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Welcome to New Choices For Youth - NCY

New Choices for Youth (NCY) has over 25 years experience working with children and young people in crises or transition. NCY's core business has been working with young people involved in or at risk of being involved in the Criminal Justice System. The charity continues to respond to the changing needs of children and young people, local crime prevention initiatives and government legislation, by developing programmes for young people at risk of being an offender, or at risk of harm by those involved in criminal behaviour.

New Choices for Youth has a track record of providing quality projects in the London Borough of Newham, neighbouring East London Boroughs and further afield.

NCY's Latest Blog Excerpts

Praise For Newham Right Here


Wayne Farah, Non Executive Lay Member for Patient Engagement & Vice Chair, Newham CCG

In responses to the Newham Right Here work regarding the CCG young people launch event:
“This has changed our CCG forever – [The work] has been decisive in allowing the CCG to recognise young people in the borough as potential partners in developing better health services…The video the young people did as part of the launch had a real impact on the GP community when they presented it to our CCG Council…We are seeking to be a CCG that listens to what our community wants. Our task is made easier when our community is as articulate, motivated and clever as all the young people who have worked with us have shown themselves to be.”
Wayne Farah, Non Executive Lay Member for Patient Engagement & Vice Chair, Newham CCG.


Right Here wins National Positive Practice in Mental Health Award


Right Here is a national pilot addressing young peoples emotional & mental well-being, covering Brighton and Hove, Fermanagh, Newham and Sheffield.  At the national award ceremony held Thursday 5th December in Sheffield, The Right Here project  won the ‘National Positive Practice in Mental Health award’ in the mental health in primary care/community category.


National Positive Practice in Mental Health Award

The project manager Icilda Stewart and one young person Julian Johnson attended the ceremony, representing the Newham Right Here partnership.  Julian Johnson from Right Here Newham is pictured holding the award during the ceremony.

Newham Right Here Project


RHN November Newsletter 2013

For an update on current news and future plans on the Newham Right Here project,  a newsletter is now available.  For a pdf version enter your name, e-mail address and subscribe to NCY newsletter on the right hand side of this screen and we will forward one to you.

Newham’s Every Child


The Forest Gate born rower, who took Silver at last year’s London Olympics, spoke to at an event celebrating Newham’s Every Child a Sporting Person programme.

Doing so in front of a crowd consisting of the Mayor of Newham and representatives from Active Newham, University of East London, schools, and community sports clubs at Forest Gate School.

Mark HunterForest Gate

Mark Hunter expressed his pleasure at watching a group of Forest Gate students being coached in BMX, even no-riders and their infectious enjoyment and excitement. BMX-treme coaching team worked with forty six riders, eight of which were non-riders during the course of the event.

Seitoku University group visit


NCY Staff would like to once again thank the students and staff from the Seitoku University group visit.

Student Visit

Experiencing tasters in BMX coaching and Non-contact boxing students and staff alike gained an understanding of how New Choices for Youth implements compelling activities in a community setting, that can address broader social and wellbeing issues.

‘BMX-treme’ has been helping to deliver Active Newham’s sports initiative, ‘Every Child a Sports Person’


Photo promoting NCY's BMX programBetween 15th and 19th April 2013, Newham’s BMX Club, ‘BMX-treme’ has been helping to deliver Active Newham’s sports initiative, ‘Every Child a Sports Person’. 

Year 7s from Saint Bonaventure’s and Cumberland secondary schools have taken part so far this year.  They have been offered a taster of a number sports over the week.  BMX-treme has been delivering outdoor core BMX sessions.  During the sessions coaches offer basic safety and technical tips, together with plenty of opportunity for riders to practice fundamental BMX-cycling techniques.

BMX-treme coaches are always amazed at the potential talent out there in Newham when delivering community taster sessions, there was abundant enthusiasm from all the coached groups over the week.  The BMX club is looking forward to a busy Sunday on the BMX track with the interest  generated from these sessions.

Every Child a Sports Person is the first step on the way from novice Newham rider to becoming BMX-racing ace.

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